Short stories

"The Brute, Brute Heart of a Brute Like You"


Daddy has always had the best intentions; he has always wanted to keep you safe, just like he now wants to keep America safe.

"Must Be Peopled"

New York Tyrant

The reduction of children to compliment-flypaper might not be new, but Kate and I both once agreed that it has become so pervasive that it is no longer possible to procreate authentically.

"Day Job"

A/D/O Journal

One falls asleep as one falls in love—with the expectation that the constituent parts of life will disappear, to be reconfigured into something that might be wonderful or might be terrifying, but will not be dull.

“The Girl Who Was Allergic To Paper”


Our bedrooms faced each other, and I often watched Leah’s lessons through our windows while I read the Hardy Boys or The Count of Monte Cristo, Leah with her dark eyes sharp and attentive, the sort of girl who would have taken diligent notes if only there were something she could take notes on that wouldn’t kill her.

"Ada, or When It Was Safe to Stay Dark"


Today they keep me in a closet, like I am something to be ashamed of, on a separate server, walled off from the rest of the campaign. Tomorrow they will brag about me to the world.